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    Post  Sucide_Jockey on Thu Dec 02, 2010 12:56 am

    Name: Bob McGee
    Occupation: Transport Operator, Repair Ship Pilot
    Employer: [Convoy]
    Call Sign: Transport: Suicide Jockey
    Repair Ship: Mars

    I was born on Leeds in the year 773 AS. I had a normal upbringing my Parents both worked for BMM. My Mother as a Secretary and Father as a Security Specialist. When I became of age I Volunteered for service in the BAF and was trained as a Fighter Pilot. I served as expected during the hostilities with Rhineland just prior to the Nomad wars, and served with some distinchtion during the Nomad Wars.
    After the war I mustered out of BAF and with some cash I had saved up bought a used KS-1093 Mafic Mining ship and set about to make my fortune. Mostly I worked the Niobium Fields outside Stokes Smelter as an Independant Miner. I met my wife Elizabeth on the station. She taught elementry Education to the children of the Stokes Smelter personnel that lived on the station. Over the course of time I had 3 Childen 2 boys and a girl. When my eldest son Bond became of age he started to assist my Mining by operating a CSV and serving as both Ore runner and ecsort.
    When the Kusari Invasion came and Stokes fell Bond and I were in the asteriod fields. we attempted to land on stokes to pick up the rerst of my family but the fighting was too intense we had no choice but to flee. As the trade lane was down we flew thru the asteriod field with several Kusari Fighters in pursuit. Out numbered 5 to 1, Bond and I made it a running gunfight to leeds rather than engage the fighters in the asteriod fields. To out fortune we were met by a flight of BAF who were on their way to Stokes Smelter. After the BAF took over the fight we were in, Bond and I made for Leeds. with Bond taking signifigant battle damage he was forced to make an emergency landing, which could have gone better and spent several weeks in Medical and his ship was out of commision for a long time.
    It was at this point I answered an add for [Convoy] and after a long interview process was hired as a transport pilot and assigned the handle of Suicide Jockey. When my Son was cleared for flight by the Bowex Doctors he too joined as an Escort pilot. The rest they say is history. Jockey will keep flying for [Convoy] till such time as he can get his family off od Stokes...... if they are still alive, there is no news of the staff on Stokes. and many are the rumors of Civillians being beaten killed and worse.

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