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Blazer Familly

Post  Blazer on Mon Nov 22, 2010 2:43 am

I was born....i dont remember when.I will told you why.I remember i was born when war against nomands started.My father was a fleet admiral on the Concordia.
He leed his fleet manny times against the nomads war.Till he got killed by nomads.Me and my mother was deported in liberty.After that i remember just a nomads atack and we get in to a rescue ship,and that`s it.
I wake up in Bretonia,just before war with kusari get started.I realise then i was put till then into a cryogenic state.Seems my mother has died 100 years earlier.I find myself alone in a great kindom.And when i was to the recovery chamber i meet Her,the most beautiful girl from bretonia.Her name Nikole.
Was love at first sight.We got married and i`ve tried to make some money to support my familly.I opeend an chlotes store on planet Leeds.I was making jackets form man`s.I give a name for this industries of mine that is Blazer.In few years my wife gives born to my two kids.I was so glad.When they turned 18 i bought them some`s ships as they were traind by Baf for pilot vhf ships.So i buy them some ships to one a vhf and to the other a bomber
My first kid name is Edison and the second is Ricard.So as my bussines didn`t work like i whant i thought that i should buy some ships to make some money,to sustain my bussines.So i buy a shire,the best hauler ship in Bretonia.And another shire to my wife.I give to thouse shire`s the names of my children.And i was thinking to put the name of the firm to the ship name.
So i named my ship Edison_Blazer and my wife ship name Richard_Blazer.In less then 3 years of trading for Bretonia and doing some trading bussines for Queen Carrina too i meet the [Convoy]Leader that`s [Convoy].Rubber_Duck.I invite him in planet Leeds bar for a beer and i asked him if we can join his convoy.I get an afirmative answer from him,and since then we serve the [Convoy] as we can.


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