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[Convoy].Wild_Horse aka Escort.Raven aka Ravenolle

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[Convoy].Wild_Horse aka Escort.Raven aka Ravenolle

Post  Guest on Fri Nov 12, 2010 7:11 am

[Convoy].Wild_Horse was born on 746A.D. and born on Santa Barbara on Planet LA. At the age of 44 has had a long and lucrative career in Trading businesses, The Liberty Navy and Liberty Special Forces.

After leaving Officer School with Honours at West Point I grew through the Ranks of the =LSF= to eventually become a Wing Commander of Charlie Wing to eventual Leader in the Alaska Wars against the Order. Some of you may have heard of the famous imortal Captains called =LSF=SoulBringer, =LSF=Icarus, =LSF=GreyWolf and my callsign in those days was =LSF=Greylin.

Over a period of years it became obvious to those around me that I was more the Statergist, rather than an Elite Combat Pilot and was often called upon to direct the Battles from a slightly safer distance... Whilst I could easily hold my own against an equal, I found my place in directing.

After some years I wanted to expand my empire and created a company called Freelance Finance Co. based from Manhattan and managed to expand my livelihood to a new lovely dwelling on Planet Harris in Tau31. Sadly due to the Kusari War with Bretonia my holiday home and surrounding cities were devastated from planetary bombardment and as a result I lost my first wife while I was on official business. I was forced to abandon part of my life and fortune to closer my new home of Planet Houston.

From there I was asked to support the Navy in their barricade against the Rhienland Empire who were raiding Texas on a regular basis. Today I still retain a Gunboat ready to assist the Liberty Naval Services under callsign LNS-Braveheart, when called upon to repel borders.

In my newer sideline I have since tried to rebuild my fortune with a Trading group known as [Convoy] and have offered my services not only as a trader but escort and maybe even my knowledge of strategy might come in use.

Captain of the Trader Wild_Horse
Captain of the Escort Bomber Raven


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