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Post  android_data on Wed Nov 10, 2010 1:39 am

I don’t remember much of before i was found at Omicron theta , my father neglected to program my memory modules,
My goal is to become more Bretonian than being an android, through learning about the Bretonian way of life and what it stands for.

Personal log.

As I gaze out of the Leeds home world windows watching the buzz of daily traffic go back and forth, learning all I can about life and the strange thing called emotion (which Bretonians seem to use so easily), I cant help wondering if a war is coming, I switch through the channels of the daily communication channels in my apartment I see disturbing reports of traders going about their daily lives trying to earn a living, being harassed by increasing number of pirates and other rogue traders. Will it ever end? What can I do about it?

End personal log

A few months back I was contacted by a member of a convoy group by someone called Fleet Admiral Rubber duck, he explained that a change is coming and that the BAF are needing suppliers for their forces, he said he’s checked my academic records and is impressed at how well I’m doing and asked if I wish to join them in their helping the BAF to strengthen their forces

At last I thought I CAN make a change

I replied to the Admirals communication and agreed to join

Few weeks later and I am in command of a large trading vessel called a Shire, a 4200 cargo hold space
Our mission is to escort refugees out of Leeds to a safe locations and to bring back military grade commodities for the BAF

I feel (although that is an ability I am still trying to master) that I am helping those that helped me become a sentient being and I now will do all I can for the Bretonian way of life

I chose to believe that I am a person, that I am more than a collection of circuits and sub processors.

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