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Post  Rubber_Duck on Sat Nov 06, 2010 3:18 am

Rubber Duck, born as Jack Schwarz in 778A.S., is the son of Rheinlandish immigrants, having immigrated to Bretonia in 775 A.S. His father, Karl Schwarz, found employment as an engineer on Planet Leeds, while his mother, Charlotte Schwarz, remained staying at home.

Three years after having moved to Leeds, their first son, Jack was born. He attended the Leeds Capital City Elementary School, then went to Aire Public High School. At the age of seventeen, he entered Leeds Metropolitan University, and left with Master of Engineering degree five years later.

In 806 A.S. he then entered the service of the Bretonian Armed Forces, for which he served about six years, and left as a Lieutenant Commander. Being primary set to the Logistics Bureaus, and only secondary taking part in offensive actions, his interest for logistics was growing. So he decided to enter civilian transportation services after his military service.

Once he had left the armed forces, he took all his money and bought a small clydesdale freighter, bringing in enough money to buy a bigger ship. But his first action after buying the ship was setting up his figurehead, something that was a tradition for sailors in the late middle ages of ancient Sol history.
So, he decided to take a figure really fitting, and being something special at the same time. He found a little figure of a rubber duck, looking very angry and having a cigar in his mouth, he had seen in a so called "road movie" called convoy, a movie from Sol history that could be found in the neural net database. This rubber duck sat on the nose of the protagonists truck, carrying goods from one place to another. And that was it. So, he had found the idea for a figurehead for his clydesdale, the small rubber duck now sitting over the clydesdales bridge, angrily looking to the front. Of course, others pilots have seen, and... so his name became Rubber_Duck, too, most people not knowing where it came from.
When more money came in then, the ships grew up. A percheron first, then it was replaced by a shire, Bretonian Container Transport. So, the trades went on peacefully... Until the war against Kusari begun. Rubber_Duck, ultimately loyal to the crown of Bretonia, decided to make sure that the Bretonian Armed Forces will always have enough supplies, and that he would help bretonian people wherever he could. These Kusaris had to be beaten at all costs.
So, finding out that his brother, Pig_Pen, already quit BAF service, too, they decided to form up a group of suppliers to the BAF, hauling in every sort of product that would be useful in war. By getting more pilots joining their formation every week, sometimes every day, they were searching for a good name for their project... And there the old movie came in Rubber_Duck's mind again. Convoy. Thats it. At that is what they do. They Convoy.


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