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Wartime Routes for large Convoy's

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Wartime Routes for large Convoy's

Post  Rubber_Duck on Sat Jul 09, 2011 12:54 am

**** Establishing Communication Network ****
*** Connecting ... ***
** Link engaged **

* incoming Transmission*

Encryption: High


From: [Convoy].Rubber_Duck
Location: [Convoy].Headquarter, Planet Leeds, Bretonia

Hail, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I have received a top secret request by Admiral Dame Evyn Hunter, Baroness Snowdown, also signed by Admiral Sir Jack Fraser, Duke of Norfolk.

We are hereby ordered, if we can get a lot of ships in space (in my opinion, 2 Gunboats, 3-4 Shires, and 2 Snubs minimum), to try to fly through the southern Omega regions, and to go up to Okinawa, to pick up H-Fuel from Furyoku station, and to go to Sigma-13 to pick up nuclear devices from Helgoland station. By this, we need to avoid to enter Rheinland space.

The advised route would be:

Leeds --> Cambridge hole
Cambridge --> Snowdown hole
Snowdown --> Omega 5 hole
Omega 5 --> Omega 41 hole
Omega 41 --> Omicron Theta hole
Omicron Theta --> Sigma 17 hole

for nuclear devices:
Sigma 17 --> Sigma 13 hole
Sigma 13 --> Helgoland Station

for H-Fuel:
Sigma 17 --> Sigma 13 hole
Sigma 13 --> Honshu hole
Honshu --> Okinawa hole
Okinawa --> Furyoku Station

and the same routes back. Especially the tour for H-Fuel is really dangerous, so stay alert on the travel all the time. Remember, that during the conflict, the RHA (Red Hessian Army) is allied to Bretonia, so watch out for Corsair fleets. Also remember, that the limit for escorts in GMG sovereign space does not permit more than 2 Gunboats and 4 Snubcraft at the same time.

Good luck, Gentlemen. If such an operation is done, without me being with you, I want to have guncam images of the operation, especially the part when loading the supplies.

Rheinland Military ships being sighted on the way, also ships of the Rheinland Federal Police, are to be eliminated. Stay neutral to Rheinland Civilians, as far as possible. If you are attacked, the use of lethal force is authorized without restrictions.

with all respect, and hail to her glorious majesty

Fl.Adm. Jack Schwarz, MBE
Bretonian Merchant Navy

* End of Transmission *
** Disconnecting **
*** Disengaging Comm Link ***

**** Signal Lost ****


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