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Old Contracts, not actual any longer

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Old Contracts, not actual any longer

Post  Rubber_Duck on Thu Jan 27, 2011 9:29 pm

Hail, folks. Here you may find a list of contracts that had been outtimed, being not valid any longer because of changes in global Convoy Politics.

  • We have, after a long negotiation period, the official BAF permission to use 2 (two) Bretonia Gunboats for Convoy escort purposes. The vessels are, as all our escorts are, equipped with a mercenay ID and have already been taken into service. The names of the ships:

    Copy of the Request
    Copy of the permission (last page)

  • The next point is, that, because our supply routes often take us to Rheinland space, we needed t make an agreement about entering Rheinland Space with Gunboat escort.
    This could be worked out diplomatically with Adm. Alec Voelkel of the Rheinland military.

    Copy of the contract

  • Furthermore, out of the same reason, we have needed similar permissions for Liberty, too. A contract like the one valid for Rheinland could be worked out with Adm. Jack Malrone of the Liberty Navy.

    Copy of the contract

  • The next point is, that, because of the lack of experience for our escorts, and the fact that we are commanded to home space defense units by BAF sometimes, we needed to make an agreement with the Bretonian Armed Forces to receive a special combat training, specially suited for civilians. We came to an agreement with the Bretonian Admiralty Board and the Ministry of Defense, so that special [Convoy] vessels can get Level A security clearance for entering Salisbury BAF Guard system for training purposes. Therefor, special thanks to Fl.Adm Martin Bridge, who made these negotiations possible.

    Copy of the contract

  • Furthermore, Rheinland has limited the export of military supplies, as after recent Liberty attacks, their own Need has significantly been highered. But as Bretonia depends on the highly-sophisticated military vehicles for Leeds ground defense, too, something needed to be done. Following the Acting Director of Operations of Bowex), Pete Conroy, we tried to work out an exceptionnal permission for the [Convoy], which has been granted. We now have to deliver a shipment of 1000 (thousand) military vehicles to Battleship Westfalen, Hamburg every week, and gain free export rights in exchange.

    Copy of the contract

  • The latest contract we could arrange is the permanent use of two (2) Bratonian Templar VHF for permanent escort purpose. The license fees have been paid, the vessels will be commisionned as soon as possible.

    Copy of the Contract


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